:: CHANGE ::

emmm ~ i think i want tO change myself and i want tO pray a lOt . i finded that tO many sins that i've haVe doNe . but , there sOme question that always playing in my mind . u know what ?? i always ask myself about this . " CAN I BE A SISTER ? " but i really confused . i really wanted to be a sister , but i can't decide whether i say " YES " or " NO " . my heaRt say yes , but my mind says no ~ i don't know what happend to me , i really .. really wanted to be a SISTER but theres a strange power want to hold me up . MY BOY FRIEND ! i want to BREAK UP with him . but i don't want to hurt his heart cause he already told me like this .. " dear ~ don't do like this . just be your own . do this if u really love me " GOD ! i really need urs help to get me back from wrong road .i've lost ! i change because i want to know whO JESUS CHRIST is . i want to be with him forever . i want to free from all sins . i interested to be a SISTER because i saw a sister last saturday night . she awesome ~ and i want to be like her . i'll asked her how can i be a sister . she said to me " u can be a sister if u are ready " i pray to god everyday and i hope he can fulfill my dream to be SISTER someday . AMEN

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